Frequently Asked Questions

Is this process part of a class action lawsuit?

No.  While our firm involves itself in various class action litigation across the country, Premier Legal Center provides special attention to your vehicle and your needs.  We focus on individual cases to maximize results in pursuing claims against the manufacturer.  While class action litigation can take years to complete, we can potentially streamline a settlement for you in as little as 60 days.

I lost my sales contract. Can I still open a claim?

Contact the dealership where you purchased the vehicle and ask for a copy.  Many dealerships hold electronic copies nowadays.  If your dealership is closed, contact your financial company where the vehicle was financed or provide any sales documents that you have that might show your name, purchase price, date of purchase, and dealership information.

Does this process affect my relationship with my dealership?

No. We strictly pursue the manufacturer.

Does a cash settlement affect my warranty?

No warranties are affected by a cash settlement.  The manufacturer is still required to uphold its warranty obligations.

What happens if my vehicle was purchased “as-is”?

When you purchase a vehicle “as-is”, you basically get what you pay for and you have very limited rights and protections under state and federal law.  Unless written otherwise by an agreement with your dealership, you are obligated to pay for any repairs or future problems with the vehicle.  If you buy the vehicle “as-is” you have to be provided with this form required by the Federal Trade Commission with the “as-is” part checked off.

I am ready. What do I need to do to start the process?

If you would like to start a claim against the manufacturer, please email, fax, mail, or submit COPIES of the following documents to our office:

What if I sold my vehicle or it was repossessed?

If you have sold the vehicle or it was repossessed, please notify us immediately and see our section on Repossession.

What if I do not have any or only some of my repair records?

If you do not have copies of all the repair work done on your vehicle and you still have possession of the vehicle, you can ask for a service and repair history printout from your local dealership even if you have been to multiple dealerships (usually they are interlinked).

Can my vehicle qualify if it is used and/or leased?

The short answer is YES but it can depend on a quite few factors based on your state laws and the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code).  The UCC does not actually define a lemon vehicle, so it can be left up to a jury to decide whether you deserve a refund or not.  If you would like more detailed information please contact us for a FREE consultation.

How long does this process take?

Your claim will take approximately 60-75 days from the time you send in your paperwork to obtain a resolution with the manufacturer.

Is my vehicle a lemon?

If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle after several repair attempts, have had a serious defect, are concerned for your safety in the vehicle, its value, and/or impaired use of your vehicle, then you may have a potential lemon on your hands.  If the manufacturer cannot address your concerns, please contact us with your repair records in hand to discuss your case.

What is a lemon?

First let’s go back to the basics and consider the dictionary definition of a lemon. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition, a lemon is “one (as an automobile) that is unsatisfactory or defective”. As a consumer, you have a right to pursue legal action against the manufacturer if you have been sold a defective product. Premier Legal Center works hard to protect consumer rights and help the little guy in this often unforgiving situation.

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